About us

Established in 1996 Klonowski & Co is a fee-based practice offering personal financial planning to private clients. There is no requirement for a minimum level of income or net worth to become a client - the only qualification is a genuine desire to set financial affairs in order and a willingness to work with us to achieve this.

Our Approach

We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients, helping them to clearly identify their goals and objectives - and then showing the most suitable way to achieve them. We are prepared to give as much time and attention to our clients as they wish. We can arrange an initial, exploratory meeting. Each client receives a personalised written Financial Plan summarising their present position, with detailed recommendations for actions to be taken and a clear explanation of those recommendations. The Plan is then monitored and updated at least once a year, or as the client requires.

Our Fees

Initial meeting held without charge or obligation. Remuneration is on a fee basis.

The charges are based on an hourly rate; Investment work is normally charged at 1% of the initial portfolio, and 0.5% pa of the portfolio value.


Contact Us : 0113 2393 2810 / klonowski@btinternet.com

Free Consultation

An initial meeting is available without charge and with no obligation. 

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